Hydraulic scaffolding material straightening jig

TAIYU Power Touch

Power Touch, which is powered by a 100V hydraulic unit, is a straightening jig for repairing various scaffolding hardware.

Upon your request, we can customize the attachment for special specification.


Power Touch

Power Unit

Square pipe and round pipe
straightening jig

φ48.6 mm straightening jig

Various attachments

TJ-R type jack base
straightening machine

Before processing / After processing

Scaffold plank straightening jig




Power unit
Hydraulic pump 700kgf/㎠ 0.285kw One set
High-pressure hose Includes fingertip coupler. 6m
Relay pipe 2m
Caster (with tool box) One set
Example attachments and target materials
Use for φ48.6mm hardware Pipe, square pillar, and pipe support inner tubes
Use for φ42.7mm hardware Frame legs
Use for φ60.5mm hardware Pipe support outer tubes
Use for φ114.3mm hardware Strong support outer tubes
Use for 50×50,60×60,
and 100×100mm hardware
Square pipes
Use for φ32mm hardware Telescoping handrail outer tubes
Jack base straightening machine
※Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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