AI and Robotics Solution

"To create the products that have never existed before"

TAIYU's mission on designing and manufacturing is to create the products which have not existed yet in our society.
We propose unique solution for our customer to solve various tasks using mechatronics, sensing and IT technology.

メカトロニクス/ロボティクス/物理解析/センシング/情報技術/AI IoT



    DISTRIC is compound machine with both concrete placement function and crane function.

    Crane operation and concrete placement work are essential fundamental work in construction.
    By using “DISTRIC” which compound these function, you can utilize the machine.


    ●Slave boom can be folded inside of the master boom by bending them into 2steps.
    ●Unique method of hanging wire rope makes possible to have easy operation.
    ●Operation can be done at any place with wired pendant or wireless pendant.
    ●Power is all electric.


  • Surrogate

    Achieved unmanned construction with low cost and high flexibility.

    There has been a increasing demand for unmanned operation comes from frequent and enormous natural disaster and lack of skilled operator of construction machine.
    Therefore, TAIYU has developed remote control device with easy retrofit to conventional construction machine.
    It makes possible to have unmanned construction operation at lower cost.

    ●Can be easily retrofitted to the controller without modifying the construction machine.
    ●No special tools or technique are required to attach the surrogate and can be put on and take off in short time.
    ●Operator can have boarding operation with device installed.

    Co-development with Obayashi Corporation


  • Underground Obstacles lift machine F4C

    Removal of underground obstacles,
    existing piles at foundation construction work.

    By using 4 independent drive hydraulic claws, it can grab various size and kinds of obstacles without dropping off.
    Super steel material are used at the top of claws and make it possible to destroy the concrete at the side of obstacle and ingrown reinforcing steel.
    Enables to lift up underground obstacles with low noise and vibration.


    Co-development with UEDA KIKOU Co., Ltd
    Underground Obstacles lift machine F4C


  • KUIMONI -Pile Drive Control System-

    Machine guidance system to control verticality using
    dual axis inclinometer at pile driving operation.

    Casing vertical accuracy control by using dual axis inclinometer in real time.
    Corrective operation for casing position can be done during excavation.

    Integrate system for pile construction control.

    By adding option system of excavation control system or site positioning system to the basic verticality control system, it creates integrated system for pile construction control.

    KUIMONI / GEO Moni / Sight Positioning System

  • Site Positioning System

    Construction position guidance system using GPS, GNSS total station.

    This system makes possible to have guidance operation and construction positioning check of pile core guidance and soil improvement body pouring position control with high accuracy and one-man operation.

    Construction position guidance system using automatic tracking total station.

    By using positioning system with automatic tracking total station, it can provide high construction accurate even under the site where difficult to place antenna or poor GPS, GNSS accuracy rate.

    KUIMONI / GEO Moni / Sight Positioning System

  • Slime-monitor

    Monitor floating slime dense in muddy water.

    Slime-Monitor is designed to streamline slime process improvement and construction.
    It monitor the slime sedimentation quantitatively and set the sedimentation time under rational judgment index.

    By monitoring the dense using Coriolis mass flowmeter, it judges the slime precipitation status and prevents deterioration of pile head by involving the slurry.



  • Scaffolding selection system using AI image identification technology

    Scaffolding selection system using AI image identification technology.

    The system is designed to select used scaffolding pipes by length using image identification technology utilizing AI and store the pipes into chain racks.
    Accuracy of image identification is over 98% make possible to sort out the pipes by length, types and store them into chain rack by 200 pcs each.
    The process q’ty is 900 pcs per hour and 6,000 pcs per day.

    news release (Japanese)

Process for request

  1. Inquiry
    Please contact us by inquiry form or call us.
  2. Research
    We hear the customer's request.
  3. Proposal
    Based on the study, we propose the machine design.
  4. Quotation
    We offer our quotation.
  5. Firm order
    Receipt of firm order.
  6. Designing and manufacturing
    Utilizing mecatronics, sensing and IT technology, we design and manufacture custom made machinery.
  7. Delivery
    Delivery schedule can be set based on your request. We have after sales service.


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