Remote Control Device retrofit to
conventional machine

Achieved unmanned construction with
low cost and high flexibility

There has been a increasing demand for unmanned operation comes from frequent and enormous natural disaster and lack of skilled operator of construction machine.
In the meantime, special heavy equipment for no-man operation is very expensive and limited to the availability and this could be a challenge for prompt action in case of emergency.
Therefore, TAIYU has developed remote control device with easy retrofit to conventional construction machine.
It makes unmanned construction operation at low cost.

●Without modifying the construction machine, the device can be installed to operation lever.
●Operator can have boarding operation with device installed.

Co-development with Obayashi Corporation

Remote control device for unmanned operation of construction machine such as backhoe.

Technical overview

At initial disaster recovery support which required prompt action, “unmanned operation” of construction machine by remote control would be effective method due to high possibility of secondly disaster.

However, construction machine with remote control device are not widely distributed and also its high cost is a challenge to procure the machine.

“Surrogate” is easy retrofit remote control device can be installed to conventional construction machine and enables to save the cost as it can be installed to body of construction machine.

It also can be available to general construction work which relatively dangerous for manned operation.