Visualize the slime processing.
Collect the slime at the bottom enlarged position.

Disrupt and vacuum the enlarged diameter slime using special pump and improve the accuracy of desliming.

Real time monitoring of vacuum density makes it possible to shorten the vacuum time by 50% and partially replace high density slurry.


Slime monitor (Vacuum density measurement function)

By measuring vacuum depth and density with online and real time,visualize the desliming and help improvement in quality and safe construction.

Construction quality data

Control panel display

Construcion process data

Disrupt function of bottom enlarged slime

Generate the disrupt swirl when it hits the bottom and disrupt and vacuum accumulated slime at the bottom.

Vacuum pump with disrupt function Experiment to check the disrupt swirl while drilling.

The direction of jet flow can be adjusted freely by
disrupt discharge tube which are placed at 6 points.
It allows to disrupt bottom enlarged slime.

Conventional method:
No disrupt
Slime disrupt and vacuum method:
Disrupt confirmed

Auto-Slime conceptual movie

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