KUIMONI / GEO Moni / Site Positioning System

Pile Drive Control System


Machine guidance system to control verticality using dual axis inclinometer at pile driving operation.

Casing vertical accuracy control by using dual axis inclinometer in real time.

Corrective operation for casing position can be done during excavation.


Excavation control system for monitoring the reach of support spot

GEO Moni

Excavation control system using excavator operation data.

Check the arrival to the support spot by monitoring the excavated ground property.

The analysis of ground property is made by machine data at the time of excavation of ground.

Monitor the excavation torque, depth of excavation, casing verticality during the ground excavation in real time.

By comparative monitoring of excavated ground property and ground boring log, it can check the excavation status, embedment and arrival of support spot.


Site Positioning System

Construction position guidance system using GPS, GNSS total station.

Machine guidance system by indicating the difference between designed position and current position of operation machine.

We deliver and install customized GPS and GNSS positioning system to your operation machine.

With high accuracy, this system allows one man operation to make a guidance to pile core, control of pouring position of soil cement column and the various other operation position confirmation and guidance.

“Kui-moni” System Configuration (Verticality Control System)
By adding option system of excavation control system or site positioning system to the basic verticality control system, it creates integrated system for pile construction control.

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