Underground Obstacles lift machine F4C

Securely lift up any obstacles.

Removal of underground obstacles, existing piles at foundation construction work.

By using 4 independent drive hydraulic claws, it can grab various size and kinds of obstacles.

Co-development with UEDA KIKOU Co., Ltd

● Enables to lift up underground obstacles with low noise and vibration.
● Securely grab obstacles without dropping off by holding the obstacle with powerful 4 hydraulic cylinder.
● Capacity of lifting up to max 40ton.
● Able to lift up the obstacles with casing diameter up to φ1500-3000mm.
● Applicable to removal of underwater obstacles and repair work of marine structure such as Tetrapod.

F4C Conceptual movie

F4C-2000 Φ2000 model

Applicable casing diameter Φ1500 Φ1600 Φ1800 Φ2000

F4C-3000 Φ3000 model

Applicable casing diameter Φ2300 Φ2500 Φ3000

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