High-efficiency pipe cleaning and straightening machine


The TP-R’s processing capacity is approximately five times that of conventional pipe cleaning machines (40 m/min.), and it restores straightens pipes at the same time.

Machine components

Straightening mechanism

The front and rear rolls are installed to keep reaction force and straightness and make possible the full length of pipes to be straightened by rectification device swings the axis of each pipe with a certain amount of eccentricity applied.
Moreover, the amount of eccentricity can be adjusted by pushing a button.

Cleaning rotating drum

The feed roller section crushes concrete deposits, and the deposits are removed when they pass through the center of the rotating drum, which has a crushing roller section and special scraper (a rubber scraper incorporating wire).
The feed roll section crushes adhered concrete and the rotary drum with a crushing gear removes the concrete dust.

Feed rollers

Four sets of feed rolls have a function of holding pass line  for cleaning and restoring a pipe as well as feeding use.

Control Panel

The operation buttons are easy to use. Also, interlock is available for your safety. 


Straightening method

When tensile force is applied to the mild steel, the stress and strain have a proportional relationship.
It is limited to the case that tensile force is within an elastic limit of the mild steel and the srain will become zero when the force is released.
If the force is further increased, the strain will move from the elastic range to the plastice range and the strain will remain permanently after force is released.

Cleaning method

The feed roll section crushes adhered concrete and the rotary drum with a crushing gear removes the concrete dust by passing the pipe into its center of rotating drum.
The function of feed roll and the crushing gear make possible to remove not only concrete deposit but also resin-based stains, resin and thick spary-on coating.


Outer dimensions    




Type TP-R type
Specified pipes Diameter×thickness φ48.6×2.4mm
Length Cleaning:1m or more; straightening:2m or more
Motor For straightening 2.2kw-200/220V
For cleaning 2.2kw-200/220V
For feeding 5.5kw-200/220V
Processing speed Standard:40m/mm
Outer dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 3,740×880×1,305(with cover)
Gross weight 2500kg
Pass line 870(height of pipe center)
Notes Includes functionality for converting force to
straighten passing rivet-processed products.
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*Machine processing capacity figures indicate the capacity of the machine itself. Handling and other process times are not included.


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