High-efficiency pipe cleaning machine


The TP-C’s processing capacity is approximately five times that of conventional pipe cleaning machines, and it can eliminate resin-based stains (resin and thick spray-on coatings) as well as concrete deposits.



5 times of processing capacity than
our conventional machine

TP-C can process deposits of pipes 5 times faster than conventional machine without leaving any abrasion and scratches on pipe surfaces.
Moreover, it will not give any damage on material structure of inside pipes.

Modify the processing speed

Processing speed can be changed depend on deposit amount by pushing changeover switch on the operation panel.

High level of security

All machine components are equipped with covers to ensure safety.

Using wear resistant metal

The rolles and other main components are designed to last for long term use by applying wear-resistant metal.

Cleaning method

The feed roller section crushes concrete deposits, and the deposits are removed when they pass through the center of the rotating drum, which has a crushing roller section and special scraper (rubber scraper incorporating wire).



Outer dimensions






Type TP-C type
Specified pipe Diameter×thickness φ48.6×2.4mm
Length 1m or more
Motor For cleaning 3.7KW-220/200V
For feeding 3.7KW 1/30 220/200V
Processing speed  Standard:30m/min.
Outer dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2000×650×1285 (with cover)
 Gross weight 850kg
Pass line 880mm (height of pipe center)

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*Machine processing capacity figures indicate the capacity of the machine itself. Handling and other process times are not included.


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