Straightening press steel scaffolding planks

S&S I type

Quickly and easily straightens all types of curved steel.

Once loaded, no need to move or turn over the workpieces.



By swinging and shifting the jack, it makes possiblt to find out the target spot.
(Manual Operation)
The lifting support jack helps curved steel plate to move back and forth smoothly.
Dual jack design make possible to fix the steel without turning over the curved steel.
Jacks operate individually.


Outer dimensions  




Subject steel plate  5′ (1,500 mm) × 20′ (6,000 mm) × t=25 mm or less
Hydraulic jack  50 tons (Regular 50 tons) × 200 st
Jack shift  Manual operation: 1,500 mm
Jack swing  Manual operation: ±90°
Hydraulic unit  3-phase, 200V AC , 3.7kw
Drive-type roller table  3-phase 200V AC, 0.4kw × 2 units
Weight  Press: 3.5 tons; lateral table: 1 ton
Operation method Press

6-point push buttons
Jack A: Up/down
Jack B: Up/down
Jack C: Up/down

roller table

2-point push buttons

 Jack shift Manual lever
 Jack swing Manual lever
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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