Cleaning machine for small scaffolding such as braces

New Cylinder Drum

By placing partition plate at desired place, This machine can clean difference types of parts at the same time.



Partition plate

Can be set at any position as required.

Automatic Door

By pushing button, the door opens and closes and workpieces are discharged automatically.
This function shorten the work time and secure the safety at the same time.

Water circulation

Circulation of water by using a pump makes it very economical.



Before processing / After processing

Outer dimensions    




Drum diameter φ1000×2500mm 
Power source 3-phase, 200 V AC
Drum rotation 2.2kw 
Watering pump 0.25kw
Capacity Braces: 200 at once
Subject workpieces Braces and other small hardware
Equipment dimensions 4,400 (W) × 1,850 (D) × 2,110 (H) mm
Equipment weight  2800kg
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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